General Informations


The Department was established in 1957 as one of the 5 Departments of Academy of Applied Fine Arts with the purpose of training graduates who would contribute to advance Turkish Textile Industry with an emphasis on creative design education. The training staff was supported by German experts at the beginning. A large number of graduates were employed by Sumerbank factories especially in Istanbul and Bursa which can be considered as the foundation of the Turkish textile sector. To Keep a close relationship with the education and the industry has always been existed as one of the main principles of the Department. With the gold medal won in the 1984 World Handicrafts exhibition in Oresak, Bulgaria, articles about the Department had been published on significant media organs such as Novum Gebrauschs Graphic (August 1978). Handicraft and textile souvenir competitions of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture had been consistently won by the Department graduates. With extensive exhibitions in many galleries, fairs and art centers as well as remarkable activities abroad, award-winning graduates in world famous competitions, design services provided for industry, joint projects and personel artistic and academic achievements of lecturers The Department keeps on maintaining its leadership in textile design arena and in artistic fields. In 1982, the Department has become a part of the Faculty of Fine Arts which joined Marmara University. Department kept on realizing very important art and design exhibitions for the sector and in trade fairs such as İSOSEM, OTİM, HILTON, CNR, TUYAP, IDF. With international activities, world-renowned fashion and textile designers, competitions, awards and individual achievements in the industry and textile arts, the department continued to give many creative textile designs, handicrafts and artistic works. Students have shown great success in various competitions. As an example, in İTHİB fabric competitions, students won prizes every year since 2005. The successfull results of ITHIB, ITKIB, TGSD, leather and TAC Printing Design competitions proves the success of the Department. Department of Textile Arts meet the creative needs of the sector. Department students have also been successful on the international platform in 2010 and 2011. Holding the first rank in Turkey and the third rank in Europe in international Euroskill design contest in 2010, students succeeded to achieve the first rank in Turkey and second rank in the world in international Triumph underwear design competition in 2011. Moreover, the Department organized competitions in cooperation with Turad and Pierre Cardin in 2010 and 2011. These design competitions not only emphasize the students’ achievements but also present the sector-education relationship in terms of creativity&innovation. Besides these competitions, the Department also conducts joint design projects with the industry; the Department and its students are introduced to the sector with the help of booths in significant national and international textile fairs such as Premiere Vision Paris. Swarovski crystal elements has opened its 5th University application studio in this Department. Textile department keeps on fulfilling the creative force needs of the textile sector.


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